How To Use Detox Pills For THC Metabolite Removal

detox pills for drug test

If you’re a chronic weed smoker then you’re in real trouble if you’re facing a drug test. You’re going to have so many metabolites in your body that it could take you as long as two months to get clean. You can use detox pills for THC to clean them up far more quickly though.

Detox pills are not a miracle, they need hard work alongside them. They can speed up the elimination of toxins by about 50%, often more. You have to understand their limitations though, and you have to understand how cannabis metabolites work in the body to see what you have to do to get clean in the fastest way.

So what we’re going to do here is look at everything you need to know around how THC metabolites work their way out of the body, how to do a natural detox, what the best detox pills for drug tests are, how to use them, how to select the correct course length and the tools you need alongside the detox pills to make sure that you pass a drug test guaranteed.

How Drug Metabolites Exit The Body & How Long It Takes

When you take drugs the active ingredients get converted into metabolites, little waste cells that race around your bloodstream, and eventually make their way out of your body through sweat, but mainly through your bowels and urine.

This process usually only takes a couple of days for most people if they’ve just taken a lot of drugs and then don’t do anything else for a couple of weeks or so.

The more frequent with drugtaking you are, the more those metabolites build up in your body though. That means they are always working their way out.

On top of that, cannabis metabolites clinging to cells in the body in a way that other drug metabolites don’t. so you could test clean for a few days, and then some weed metabolites detach and exit the body through your urine, testing positive.

So being a cannabis smoker of regularity is really dangerous, especially if you are taking other drugs as well because you’re always going to have drug metabolites working their way out of the body.

A daily cannabis smoker who suddenly stops and does a natural detox could take as long as a month to get clean. However, that’s quite extreme (although in studies chronic smokers have actually taken as long as two months to get clean), and more usually it’s two weeks or less. But it’s still a significant amount of time, not usually the amount of notice you would have before a drug test unless you are applying for jobs and know roughly when you could face one.

How To Detox For A Drug Test: Doing A Natural Detox

So let’s take a look in detail know how you do that natural detox to help your body to remove toxins at the fastest possible rate.

It basically means eating and living healthily to allow your body to process toxins more quickly without having that process slowed down by fresh toxins entering the body, or other things like a fatty and bad diet slowing in your body down.

These are the steps you would need to take to do a natural detox, which you can then speed up with detox pills:

  • Do exercise that makes you sweat every day
  • Drink the recommended amount of water each day (up to 3 L or three-quarters of a gallon)
  • Make sure you get eight hours of sleep per night
  • Try and stay calm because stress slows down metabolism
  • Your diet has to be superb and cut out refined carbohydrates and fat
  • Avoid sugars and poorly constructed “quick fix” foods
  • Stick to whole grains, lean proteins, and tons of fruit and vegetables
  • Use tools like vegetable smoothies as well to get a hit of nutrients
  • Abstain from taking in drug toxins
  • Also, abstain from other toxins and substances like alcohol that slow down your body

As you can see, natural detox is a pain in the ass. It’s really hard work, and you’re going to have to do it every day religiously to keep your body at peak performance to get rid of the toxins as fast as possible.

You can shorten the length of time you’re going through that pain by using high-quality detox pills to speed up the removal of toxins by 50%, or often even more.

how to detox for a drug test

Do Detox Pills Work?

Look, I understand that a lot of people are skeptical and wonder do detox pills work? Well, I can tell from experience that they definitely do.

Three years ago, I did a full natural detox when I was applying for new jobs. I wanted to be properly clean and have my head straight so that I could do something different with my life. It took me three weeks before three consecutive home drug test kits tested negative.

It was really tough work, and just over a year ago I was going through the same process with wanting a new career. This time I used detox pills. I don’t have a chronic weed habit, but I am smoking a joint most evenings. That is still a lot of cannabis metabolites, but I was clean in five days and tested clean every two days after that until I had to take a pre-employment drug test, which of course I passed.

Which Drug Detox Pills Should I Use?

Let’s now talk you through the detox pill which has been a mine of choice, and the only pills on the market I really recommend to you, to be honest.

The reason I’d only recommend Toxin Rid is that there are so many poor quality detox pills out there with really bad track records.

Most of them are very cheap, and ingredients just simply don’t add up to the potency you need to draw drug toxins out of your body quickly.

A potent detox pill for THC has to contain fiber so that you are putting fiber into your body alongside the natural fiber you’re getting in your diet. This helps to draw more toxins out through the bowel.

It also has to be a diuretic, making you urinate more frequently, so you’re pushing more toxins out of your body more regularly.

Plus, a detox pill has to also contain natural ingredients that have been linked scientifically to helping to eliminate toxins from the body more quickly.

This isn’t cheap to construct. Those $30 detox pills you’ll see on the Walmart and Walgreens websites, and that you can buy on eBay and Amazon, they aren’t designed for drug detox. They are general pills to be used alongside a healthy lifestyle to kickstart a natural toxin removal process.

How To Use Toxin Rid Detox Pills For THC & Other Drug Metabolites

With Toxin Rid, you have a choice of course lengths from a single day through to 10 days. You can buy additional days if you want.

It’s tough to recommend the right course length to you. As a rule, though, the shorter courses, up to 3 days, are more designed for just eliminating more toxins then you can naturally so that you can mask the rest with a detox drink on the day of your test.

The mid-range courses, the five and seven-day courses, are designed for regular smokers who have light levels of toxin exposure. Say you’re smoking just one joint a day, or half a dozen joints a week, something like that, then that’s the course length to go for. As a bare minimum, I’d recommend the five-day Toxin Rid detox for anyone using drugs semi-regularly, especially if they’ve used them on multiple occasions in the week before they start the detox.

If you’re a regular smoker, every day, then you should be going for the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox course.

So let’s talk you through the instructions now for using Toxin Rid detox pills before a drug test:

  1. Every morning when you wake up, take three tablets per hour for the first five hours of the day. Each time you take the tablets, make sure you drink them with 8 fluid ounces of water. Follow the natural detox guidelines for the rest of the day and make sure you visit the toilet as frequently as you can.
  2. On the last day, two hours after your last set of three pills, you mix up the detox drink supplement. Mix up with at least 8 fluid ounces of water or orange juice. You then drink half of that mixture, wait two hours, then drink the other half. Then you must wait at least another two hours before you eat or drink anything else. This helps to speed up the elimination of any final toxins, and it also is very rich in nutrients and minerals, which will help to replace those lost during the intense 10 day detox you have just gone through.
  3. With Toxin Rid you also get a dietary fiber supplement. This is designed to be taken on the day of your drug test. You mix it up with 16 fluid ounces of water, and you drink it as quickly as possible. You then have to urinate as frequently as possible over the following two hours, and then go and take your drug test. The dietary fiber helps to draw any remaining cannabis toxins towards your bowels, as well as flushing out your bladder to help you pass a drug test for any type of drug metabolites.

THC detox pills

Make Sure You Buy These Alongside Detox Pills For Drug Test

As you can see, it is a bit of an effort to pass a drug test by doing a natural detox and boosting it using Toxin Rid detox pills.

Just commit to 10 days my advice, if you’re a regular weed smoker. What I mean by that is a daily smoker. If you’re not smoking that much, you’ll get away with the 7 or even the 5 day course. But you will have better peace of mind and more certainty by just doing a 10 day detox backed up by Toxin Rid.

The last piece of advice I want to give you here in terms of how to detox for drug test is to always make sure you buy quite a few cheap home drug test kits.

These are not as accurate as the professional drug test you will face, and the threshold for detection is lower. They do give a good indication that you are going to be pretty close to the threshold at which drug metabolites will not be found.

Make sure you have at least five, more than that if you can afford them. The reason is you’re going to check for drug metabolites regularly, because of the fact that cannabis metabolites don’t leave your body in a linear fashion, they can be days of no metabolites leaving your body, then they can suddenly appear again as they detach themselves in your body.

If you’re doing the Toxin Rid 10 day course, do a home drug test in the evening on day six. Repeat the process at the end of day eight, and at the end of day 10. You should be clean at that point.

On the day of your test, no matter how long the gap between finishing the Toxin Rid course and submit your sample, two hours before you leave do another home drug test kit to make sure.

If for some crazy reason you don’t test negative, have a high-quality detox drink to hand just in case. Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex at the detox drinks I would recommend you keep in stock.

Then you can simply drink the detox drink and urinate a couple of times to remove the toxins in your bladder and mask any remaining in your body for a few hours. Because you’ve done all the hard work, you’ll get the longest possible amount of time because there will be so few toxins working their way out of your body.