Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review: Composition, Instructions & Tips

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Quick Luck is a relatively new brand of fake urine that is getting a lot of attention. So what I’m going to do in this Quick Luck synthetic urine review is to tell you everything you need to know to make a great decision for yourself.

You’ll learn exactly what you get when you buy Quick Luck. You’ll learn what the ingredients are, and how complex its formula is compared to the other top brands of synthetic urine you can buy.

We will also compare Quick Luck to Sub Solution, the current top brand out there, another Clear Choice urine product. Plus, you’ll get full instructions (alongside some top tips from me) on how to use it to 100% guarantee you will pass that all-important drug test.

What Is Clear Choice Quick Luck?

Clear Choice is a company that already makes two of the most widely used and successful drug testing products out there.

The main Clear Choice urine product until recently was Sub Solution, the top-selling brand. They also make Rescue Cleanse, the number one selling detox drink. Clear Choice has pedigree and trust stamped all over them.

But with Quick Luck, they claim to have gone one better. An even more complex formula than Sub Solution, and premixed, making it perfect for on the job drug testing.

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Quick Luck Ingredients & Characteristics

To pass a urine sample drug test, you have to submit a sample that is complex enough to pass scrutiny, and it has to be submitted within the correct temperature range to be accepted as a legal sample.

At a bare minimum, synthetic urine has to contain your urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It should also look like human urine, and be within the correct pH and specific gravity range.

This is how Quick Luck stacks up against those minimum required characteristics:

  • Quick Luck contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Quick Luck contains a total of 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • Quick Luck is balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • It’s been formulated to closely match the characteristics of human urine
  • Quick Luck looks, smells, and even froths like real urine

So, as you can see, Quick Luck is complex and closely mimics human urine. If you’re looking for a product that gives you confidence that you can pass a drug test, then this is pretty much as good as it gets.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

Let’s take a quick look at Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution because it’s important you understand the distinctions between the two, so you can make the best choice for yourself.

On the plus side, Quick Luck is premixed rather than a powder, and has a slightly more updated and complex formula than Sub Solution.

On the downside, Quick Luck is $20 more expensive, costing $100 against $80 for Sub Solution.

So you’re basically paying an extra $20 to have the urine premixed, and for it to be a slightly more complex in the formula.

Look, Sub Solution is brilliant. I passed a drug test using it easily. There’s no reason to spend the extra $20, that’s my honest view here. If you want the convenience and the little bit of extra insurance policy though, then Quick Luck is the one to go for.

Let’s also look at Quick Luck/Sub Solution against Quick Fix, the best of the budget brands at $40.

None of these three contain biocide, a preservative found in some brands of fake urine. Most others do, which is why you shouldn’t go near them because the big testing labs are rumored to look for the presence of biocide to relate fake samples.

However, that’s where most of the positives finish. Quick Fix is very basic in the formula, literally only containing your urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It also doesn’t quite look as realistic as Quick Luck or Sub Solution.

So if you’re on a real budget, then spend the $40 on Quick Fix. If you want the absolute best synthetic urine, the premium, the product on the market, that offers the ultimate in convenience, then Quick Luck is your #1 choice.

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How To Use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

This is what you get in the Quick Luck synthetic urine kit:

  • Container with 3 oz of premixed synthetic urine
  • A small vial of heat activator Powder
  • Pair of high-quality air-activated heat pads
  • Set of instructions

You’ll only need a few minutes to prepare the sample for submission, using some pretty simple instructions.

Here’s how to use Quick Luck successfully:

  1. You have multiple ways of getting the sample to within the legal submission temperature range, between 90°F and 100°F. You could microwave the sample and then keep it warm with one of the heatpads, or if you’ve got a few hours, you could just strap one of the heatpads to it and let it warm it.
  2. But for me, you don’t need to use method one at all. The absolute best way is to simply use the heat activator powder. For that, you don’t need any preparation time at all. Just before you need to submit the sample, simply tap in about ¼ of the heat activator powder and gently agitate it. If it doesn’t register on the temperature strip after about a minute, tap in a little more. Once it starts to register, give it about one minute, and then and little more. You want to get the temperature as close to 100°F as possible without actually going over.
  3. You can then submit your sample. The top tip for me really is to just get the sample temperature right before you go into the building to submit it. Then tuck it between two pairs of underwear, close to your skin, so that it helps maintain the temperature, and conceals it.

The number one reason why people fail with fake urine is actually the temperature. But Quick Luck gets you around all that because you don’t have to use a heatpad or microwave at all (although you get the option).

That’s also why Quick Luck is perfect for on the job drug testing. If you can get your locker in advance, or keep it in your cab, then as long as you’ve got just a couple of minutes, you can use the heat activator powder to raise the temperature of the premixed sample to within the correct temperature range, tuck in your underwear, and you can go and submit a sample completely confident you are going to pass.

Get The Practice Kit For An Extra Insurance Policy

If you’d like an extra bit of insurance, then I’d advise you to buy the practice kit alongside Quick Luck (or Sub Solution, as there is a combo deal you can get with both).

The practice kit doesn’t contain urine, it contains everything else though. Vitally, it’s that heat activator powder you want to get your hands on. It gives you another vial which you can practice using just water.

You don’t want to get the temperature wrong on the day, and you need to see how quickly it raises the temperature, by how much, and how long the temperature lasts on a sample once you’ve used the heat activator powder.

Learning all that in advance of the day of your test, or having that information for when you might face an on the spot test, can be gold dust in speeding up the process of getting that sample to within the correct temperature range.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Quick Luck

I’d only advise you to buy Clear Choice urine products direct from the official clear choice webstore.

That way, you’re not taking any risk with buying a fake, or out of date product.

Whether you choose Quick Luck or Sub Solution, you can get a great combo deal with the practice kit that saves you $30. It’s still expensive, compared to the cheaper fake urine, but it’s the best option out there.

I already know how to use Sub Solution, but if I was starting again, I would get Quick Luck with the practice kit. Simply because it would give me everything I needed to know, including the ability to practice, so I had the absolute best chance of passing.

Quick luck reviews

What’s the point in trying to pass a drug test using fake urine if you don’t give yourself the best chance of doing it?

On its own, Quick Luck is $100, and the combo price with the practice kit is $135. I know that’s a lot of money, for me, on the day of your drug test you want confidence and peace of mind, because I’m telling you it’s quite nerve-wracking to try and smuggle a sample in (even though you will not get searched as 99% of drug tests are unsupervised).

So there you go, I hope this Quick Luck synthetic urine review has been helpful and given you the information you need to not only choose the synthetic urine that matches your needs and wallet but also that you can see how absolutely vital getting control over the temperature at the point you submit the sample is.


How To Use Fake Urine For Drug Tests + Top 3 Synthetic Urine Kit Reviews

best synthetic urine brands

Fake urine is absolutely the best way to pass a drug test when you’re riddled with drug metabolites. The problem is that a lot of people worry about getting caught with it, or can’t believe that fake urine can really fool professional drug testing labs. But you can do that, and in this guide, plus synthetic urine reviews, you’re going to learn everything you need to know.

You’ll be talked through what exactly the fake urine needs to contain to pass a drug test, how to prepare a sample how to submit it, you’ll learn the biggest reason why people fail a drug test when they submit fake urine samples, and also the different types of urine sample drug test you could face.

All that, plus you’ll learn about the difference between heatpads and heat activator powder, and be able to make a great decisions on buying the best brand of fake urine with three detailed synthetic urine reviews.

What A Synthetic Urine Kit Needs To Contain To Pass A Drug Test

 The obvious idea is that fake urine closely mimics human urine. When the drug testing lab scrutinizes it, do validity checks, to make sure it’s the real thing, no suspicion is aroused and they then test it and find no drug metabolites in it.

But to achieve that fake urine has to mimic human urine closely. That means it has to contain a key range of chemicals, and have some traits that will get it through the validity checks that any professional drug testing company will do:

  • Must contain key chemicals urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Should contain as many other chemicals found in human urine as possible
  • Has to fall within the correct specific gravity range
  • Has to test as within the correct pH range
  • Should look, smell, and even froth as much like human urine as possible
  • Has to be submitted within the correct temperature range
  • The fake urine sample mustn’t contain biocide

Let’s just talk about one of the points mentioned above, around the sample not containing biocide. That’s an artificial preservative that’s used in a lot of fake urine products. It’s rumored a couple of years ago the big drug testing companies realized this and started testing for its presence.

That’s why there was a spike a couple of years ago of some brands starting to fail endlessly. That has continued, which has built up a clear picture of which brands definitely do contain biocide. That leaves a very few types of fake urine kit out there that don’t contain biocide, and the detailed synthetic urine reviews of the top three brands at the end of this guide are the main fake pee kits that don’t.

How to use synthetic urine

The Different Types Of Urine Drug Test

 When it comes to passing a urine sample drug test using fake urine the complexity of the test you’re facing will determine your chances of success.

Basically, drug tests are commissioned and some of them are really cheap. These are your really basic pre-employment drug tests, the low-level ones that are mostly five-panel drug tests.

You hand the sample over, they check the temperature, they might test it for basic chemicals, and then as long as nothing is flagged up, the sample is tested on five panels for the main drugs that urine sample drug tests look for:

  • Cannabis (THC)
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates (heroin and even prescription opioid medication)
  • PCP

So the more complex the test, the more chance there is of you getting caught. The most advanced is a 12-panel drug test which is expensive, and you’ll get more tests done to check the validity of the sample.

There could also be more scrutiny during that drug test. The more expensive it is, the more the lab will care. They might look at the sample, to make sure it looks like real urine as well, and some sources online state that experienced lab technicians even smell the sample. So your fake urine has to truly mimic the real thing.

Fake urine is only good for an unsupervised drug test. This is where you will either go behind a screen or into another room to submit your sample: you’ll basically be completely out of sight of everyone.

If it’s a supervised drug test, I really wouldn’t recommend using synthetic urine. You could easily get caught, even using one of those prosthetic penis devices (Monkey Whizz Monkey Dong). It’s best to stick to a detox drink if it’s a supervised drug test.

 How To Prepare A Sample Of Fake Pee

So look, let’s go through the deal in full. Let’s talk you through using fake urine for drug test success step by step:

  1. Some synthetic urine products require you to microwave them in advance so that you can then put a heatpad on them and keep them warm. Others use heat activator powder, which you tap into the liquid to raise the temperature of the sample, not requiring a microwave or heatpad at all. Whichever method it uses, you’ll have to get the temperature to between 90°F and 100°F to be valid.
  2. So if you’re using heatpad, it’s best to microwave the sample, strap on the already activated heatpad, leave it for 15 minutes to check it’s maintaining a steady temperature, and then go off and submit your sample.
  3. If you are using a product that uses heat activator powder to heat the sample up, you don’t need to do any of that. When you are outside the testing facility you simply check the temperature, add a little heat activator powder, shake it. It will warm it up, but you may need a little more to get it as close to 100°F as possible without it going higher.

How to use synthetic urine

The Key: Keeping The Sample Temperature Right

So look, it doesn’t matter if you buy the best synthetic urine kit, this is something synthetic urine reviews rarely mention. What matters is that the sample temperature has to be spot on. It’s the single biggest reason why people who submit fake samples fail a drug test.

It’s the thing that is in your control as well. Sure, you have to make great decisions on buying the right fake urine kit, but if it’s not within the right temperature range for human urine, then obviously they are going to realize have faked it.

Heatpads are good as long as they are of great quality. They have to emit a steady heat within the right temperature range for several hours to allow you to not get caught.

A great top tip is to take hot water with you. If you check the sample temperature just before you go in and realize it’s cooled, just pour hot water over it to get it up to speed again.

But my advice is if you can get fake urine that contains heat activator powder then that is the way to go, it’s just so much more reliable than products that use heatpads.

using fake urine for drug test

Can You Pass A Serious Labcorp Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine?

 People always get a bit scared about Labcorp and Quest. They think that because they are big drug testing companies that they are somehow better.

Look, it’s all basically the same now. You hand the sample over, they check the temperature, then they label it up.

That day, or even the next day or later, that sample is then tested to see if it’s valid. They will look for the presence of certain chemicals found in human urine (urea, uric acid, all the stuff we have mentioned), check that there is no biocide in it, and then pass or fail it.

If it passes all that, they then put some of your samples onto a panel to test how it reacts. So if it’s a five-panel test, they swab it onto each panel and watch for a reaction.

I’m telling you if you use one of the top three best synthetic urine kits out there, the ones I’m now going to tell you about in three detailed synthetic urine reviews, then you are going to sail straight through this process without a care in the world.

I’ve done it, and people I know have also done exactly that. One of my friends mentioned on Facebook last week that he had passed a drug test and got a job. I texted him because I knew the guy was a smoker, and he confirmed he had used a fake urine brand called Sub Solution to pass. These fake urine kits really do work as long as you follow everything I’ve told you.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Kits

So let’s now give you the names and details of three fake urine brands that contain all the basics the lab will look for, don’t contain biocide, and have the means to reliably heat the sample.

  1. Quick Luck – The Absolute Best Synthetic Urine Brand

If you’re looking for the ultimate fake urine kit then Quick Luck is definitely the one to go for. Don’t get scared of the price, it’s $100, but it is the best in all ways.

It’s premixed synthetic urine that contains 16 chemicals found in real urine. So this is as close to the real thing as you are ever going to get, and pretty much anything they will never look for the presence of they will find.

It also looks, smells, and even froths like human urine, which is not something you can say about the cheaper brands out there.

Plus, you get heat activator powder and heatpads. The best of both worlds. The heatpads are really a backup in case something goes wrong. The simple fact is that you don’t usually need them.

Just before you go into the test building just look at the temperature strip. There probably won’t be reading, so you will need to top it up with heat activator powder. Tap in about one third, shake it gently and watch the temperature rise. If you’re still not getting a reading, add a little more. Get as close to 100°F as possible, as long as it doesn’t go above it.

So what you’re getting for your hundred dollars with Quick Luck fake urine is as close to heaven as you can get:

  1. Quick Luck looks, smells, and froths like human urine
  2. Contains a complex range of chemicals found in urine
  3. The correct specific gravity and pH range
  4. Premixed so can be mixed with heat activator powder for on the spot testing

I know $100 is a lot, but this is definitely the premium fake urine kit out there right now. If you’ve got the money, just go for it, you won’t regret it.

Clear Choice urine

2. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

The second best brand of fake urine out there is Sub Solution. It’s actually also made by Clear Choice, the people who make Quick Luck. It was their existing product before they made Quick Luck.

But don’t let that put you off, this is still a superbly complex fake urine kit. It’s $80, so $20 cheaper than Quick Luck.

It’s basically the same formula, although Quick Luck is apparently more recently updated. So there’s very little to choose between them in terms of the complexity of the formula.

Sub Solution loses because it’s a powder. Quick Luck can be mixed with the heat activator powder in the cab of your lorry, just before you have to report for an on the spot drug test. Whereas Sub Solution needs a water source to mix it up before you warm it. So it’s just not quite as good for on the spot testing.

Also, you don’t get the heatpads with Sub Solution, although that’s not usually a problem. But if you just want the best fake urine and you not worried about the bells and whistles, then Sub Solution is plenty good enough to pass any complexity of drug test.

quick fix synthetic urine

3. Quick Fix

I’ll finish these synthetic urine reviews with one of the old workhorses of fake urine, Quick Fix. It’s made by a company called Spectrum Labs and it’s a 3 fluid ounce premixed vial of urine which costs just $40, so half the price of Sub Solution.

But you are getting half the product. It contains the real basics: urea, uric acid, creatinine. But that’s as complex as the liquid gets. If they test anything else, you are screwed (although that’s unlikely if you are just having a basic pre-employment five panel drug test).

It also uses heatpad, which is nowhere near as safe as using heat activator powder. It’s also bulkier to hide under your clothes. It’s not safe because it can fail, it cannot pump out the heat needed to keep the sample warm, or it could overheat it.

But generally, the track record is good. Just use my backup method of hot water if needed, and Quick Fix at $40 can be a real bargain.