Using Detox Drinks For A Drug Test: Do They Work?

One of the most convenient ways to try and pass a drug test if your body is riddled with drug toxins is to use detox drinks for drug test success.

What we’re going to do here is give you a complete guide in just five minutes. You’ll learn exactly how a detox drink works if you can buy specific detox drinks for THC metabolites, and some top tips on how to use a detox drink to best effect.

Plus, you’ll learn what the top three best drug detox drink products are, with quick reviews on each one, so that you can make a better buying decision and understand how best to use a detox drink to pass a drug test.

How A Detox Drink Works

 The big misconception around detox drinks is that they detox the body. You don’t just drink it and the toxins in your body all get drawn out completely.

A detox drink should actually just be called a masking drink because that’s what it does for just a few hours. If you’re lucky, you’ll get about five hours before drug toxins appear in your urine, but more usually it’s around three hours, often a little less if you got really high toxin levels in your body.

So it’s crucial to understand how best to use a detox drink so that you can get the maximum time to submit a clean sample in.

To understand better how you can benefit from using detox drinks for THC, or any other drug metabolites, here’s how a detox drink actually works in the body:

  1. The volume of liquid you drink with the detox drink flushes through your kidneys and into your bladder pushing out the toxins in urine already working their way through that area of your body.
  2. The volume of liquid then settles in your bladder as urine that doesn’t contain toxins at that point. Obviously, drug toxins will start to appear again once they are processed by the body and work their way through your kidneys.
  3. The detox drink contains natural ingredients that help you to urinate more frequently, and that helps to draw more toxins out of the body. That means you will eradicate more toxins during the process of drinking a detox drink then you would when drinking any other liquid.
  4. The clever bit is that the detox drink will contain things found in urine. It will contain them in the right quantities, so that your body has to pass some through as waste, giving you a natural balance of chemicals found in urine. Basically, it floods the body with vitamins, minerals, and creatine that’s converted into creatinine, all of which are found in urine.

Do You Buy Special Detox Drinks For THC?

 One of the cons out there is the idea that you can buy specialist detox drinks for THC metabolites.

When you take a drug, any drug, it works its way out of your body in several ways. A little bit passes out through sweat, THC metabolites partly pass out through the bowel, but the overwhelming majority of all drug metabolites exit your body through your urine stream.

So it doesn’t matter what drugs you have taken, the metabolites are going to be masked by the detox drink.

Which means that any detox drink, pill, or anything else, advertised as being specially formulated to focus on eradicating THC metabolites is a marketing con.

You just need the highest quality detox drinks on the market, that have a proven record in masking toxins well. On top of that, you need to back that up by using the best practices I’m now about to talk to you about, to make sure you have the longest possible time clean to submit your sample in.

detox drinks for THC

How To Use A Detox Drink The Right Way

So now you understand how a detox drink works to pass a drug test, let’s look at the ways that you can make it as effective as possible.

Here are the basic things you can do to increase your chances of passing:

  1. Most detox drinks require you to just drink the drink, and a few require you to drink additional water. You then urinate a few times, and go and submit your sample. This process takes about 90 minutes, and that gives you up to 5 hours of clean. You should try and submit your sample within an hour of urinating three times where possible.
  2. Before you leave make sure you use a home detox kit. Make sure you’re clean before you walk out the door. They cost peanuts, so buy several.
  3. If you’ve got really low levels of toxin exposure in your body, meaning they will only be drawn out slowly, then you might get away with not doing a natural detox before the day of your test. But it’s advised on every single detox drink instructions to do at least a 48-hour detox before the day of your test. That means abstaining from drugs completely, drinking tons of water, exercising, and eating small, frequent meals to allow your body to eliminate toxins at the fastest rate possible.
  4. If you’re doing at least a 48-hour detox then try a course of detox pills. They do come free with one of the detox drinks I’m going to talk about in a moment, but if you’re not getting detox pills free then I’d advise you to buy a one, or two, day course of Toxin Rid. They will push out far more toxins than just natural detox on its own, meaning the detox drink has far less work to do on the day of your test.

Top 3 Best Drug Detox Drinks For A Drug test

 The answer the question around do detox drinks work is yes they do, but you have to use the four tips above I’ve outlined for you to increase effectiveness and maximize your chances.

On top of that, you have to select from one of the best detox drinks for drug test success to standing the best chance.

For me, from testing using home drug testing kits all three of these drinks, alongside using Rescue Cleanse for a live drug test, and one of my friends passing a pre-employment drug test with Mega Clean, these are definitely the three top drug detox drinks out there as far as I’m concerned.

1. Rescue Cleanse

 Rescue Cleanse has been around for a number of years but it’s still a potent formula. It’s also reasonably priced at $55 straight from the Clear Choice web store.

With Rescue Cleanse, you don’t need to drink any additional water. It’s a full 32 fluid ounce bottle, and all you have to do is drink that in around 15 minutes, urinate several times, and then go and submit your sample as quickly as possible.

As I said earlier, just make sure that you do a home drug test kit before you leave to make sure you are actually genuinely masking the toxins.

Rescue Cleanse has a great track record, and if you’re looking for an affordable, effective detox drink then it certainly fits the bill.

While you’re buying Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice, you might also want to pick up a box of Quick Luck or Sub Solution, the two best brands of fake urine out there. It’s always advisable to have a backup plan just in case you don’t test negative on the day of your test.

2. Ultra Eliminex

Second, on my personal list of the best detox drinks for using in a drug test situation is Ultra Eliminex.

It’s made by Herbal Clean, the same people who make the very well-known detox drink Qcarbo. However, that detox drink has a poor track record, and so I viewed Ultra Eliminex with suspicion initially.

But it’s a completely upgraded formula, with a potency composition that’s so far above that of the previous detox drink from the same company that it’s unrecognizable.

Ultra Eliminex doesn’t require any additional water, and when I did testing with it I didn’t even do a 48 hour detox beforehand, I just drank the drink, urinated three times over the next 90 minutes, then did a home drug test kit and passed.

For me, Ultra Eliminex is in a class of its own right now, but it is expensive, costing $80 per bottle. If you’re looking for the ultimate detox drink though, then Ultra Eliminex is probably the one you want to look at if you’ve got $80 to spend.

3. Mega Clean

Last on my list of the top three Best drug detox drinks is Mega Clean. This is been around for a number of years, but the formula was updated a couple of years back to make it slightly more potent.

However, on its own, it’s still only just scraping the top three detox drink list in terms of potency.

But this is where the clever trick comes in that will make it the most potent detox drink you can buy.

If you get it from test clear for $69, you’ll get six powerful Toxin Rid detox pills bundled up with it free.

You then do your 48-hour detox, taking the Toxin Rid pills through the last 24 hours. Alongside drinking plenty of water and urinating frequently, you going to pump out a ton of toxins in advance of using Mega Clean.

Then you just drink the contents of the Mega Clean bottle, refill it, and drink that water as well. Do the usual urination over the next hour, and then do a home drug test kit.

So on its own, Mega Clean isn’t as powerful as Rescue Cleanse Ultra Eliminex. But put it in combination with the Toxin Rid pills and a 48 hour detox, and it’s in a class of its own.