Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review: How To Use To Pass A Drug Test

I’m going to get straight to the point in this Rescue Cleanse review and tell you that it’s based on my personal testing and the experience of a friend in a live drug test eight months ago.

Rescue Cleanse was always a detox drink that I’ve been happy to consider because it’s obvious from looking online and chatting to people that it has a high pass rate with a drug test.

But that’s a bit misleading because there’s more to using any detox drink than just drinking it, and I want to also tell you exactly how to use this Clear Choice detox product at its optimum, so you stand the best chance of passing a drug test using it.

How A Detox Drink Works

There’s a huge misconception around detox drinks like Rescue Cleanse. That misconception is that they detox your body, as in they draw out drug metabolites to leave you permanently clean.

Unfortunately, that’s not the truth and it catches some people out. They drink the detox drink, and then a couple of days later they take a drug test and fail, then they wonder why.

A detox drink is a masking agent. It does the following:

  1. A high-quality drink like Rescue Cleanse flushes your body out with the volume of liquid.
  2. But it’s also an intelligent liquid that helps to drag toxins attached to the inside of your bladder and urinary tract out with your urine.
  3. Rescue Cleanse detox drink and other high-quality detox products also contain significant amounts of ingredients that help your body to push things out faster. So you will eliminate more toxins at a faster rate than you would naturally in a very short space of time.
  4. Finally, high-quality detox drinks like Rescue Cleanse detox also floods the body with things found in urine, certain minerals, vitamins, and creatine. These are passed through as waste because they are excess. So they are then found in the urine that is tested, making it test as natural in balance.

So what you’re getting with Rescue Cleanse, high-quality detox drink from Clear Choice, is a temporary masking agent that gives you around five hours (but often less) during which time your urine will be clean and naturally balanced so you can submit a clean sample.

Rescue Cleanse detox drinks

About Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

Rescue Cleanse is a Clear Choice detox product. A high-quality detox drink that is one of only three I’ve ever found to be totally reliable (the other two being Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean).

Clear choice is a Premier drug test avoidance product company.

They also make Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two absolutely best brands of fake urine you can buy.

It’s the same with Rescue Cleanse, it’s a premium product, but surprisingly it’s not a particularly premium price for the quality you are getting, with a bottle of Rescue Cleanse costing around $55.

Clear Choice Detox Instructions

I said at the start of this Rescue Cleanse review that you have to follow the instructions carefully, and also make sure you are aware of a couple of additional steps you should take to maximize your chance of passing.

The thing is if you have a high level of drug toxins in your body, say you’re a chronic weed smoker, then toxins will be leaking into your urine stream at such a rate that you could only get one hour or so before your kidneys process more and they appear in your urine again.

That’s why detox drinks fail some people. It’s the people who have such high levels of toxins in the body, that they can’t be masked for long enough for them to submit a clean sample. But it’s also about how your body works, and a bit of luck as well.

For example, weed metabolites can cling on to cells in your body four weeks after the last joint. In very rare instances you could just be unlucky and some of those metabolites detaching work their way out just as you are facing a drug test. It’s very rare, but it’s another reason why some people fail when they believe they have been clean for weeks.

But by following these Rescue Cleanse detox drink instructions, you can maximize your chances of passing a urine sample drug test:

  1. As soon as you know you are facing a drug test you must totally abstain from taking drugs. If you don’t have at least 24 hours’ notice and you are a chronic user, I would recommend you submit a sample of fake urine instead, because even the most powerful detox drink will struggle to mask the toxins for long enough.
  2. During the 24 hours (or 48 hours if you can) before the day of your drug test make sure that you not only abstain from taking drugs but that you also cut out all other toxins. Try not to smoke, try not to drink alcohol, caffeine, just stick to water, and very simple food so that your body can process things quickly. Don’t take any medication unless it’s absolutely essential either.
  3. During this time also eat lots of fiber and fatty foods to create bile which will draw cannabis toxins out of your body (if it’s cannabis you are trying to hide). Also, drink green tea, and plenty of water so that you urinate frequently to push toxins out more quickly.
  4. Two hours before your drug test drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse detox drink bottle in about 15 minutes.
  5. Over the next hour, urinate at least three times to push out all the old urine with toxins in it. Then go and submit your sample as quickly as possible. Some people say you can drink a little additional water, but I wouldn’t do that because that could accelerate drawing toxins into your urine.

One additional step that I would always advise you do is to do a home drug test kit before you leave. If you test positive, then your options are to try and delay and consume another bottle of detox drink, or to have a fake urine sample as your plan B.

Clear choice detox

Make Things Certain With Detox Pills

The way to speed up the natural detox element in the one or two days before your drug test is to use detox pills.

Toxin Rid is the detox pills I would suggest you use with Rescue Cleanse because they are most powerful. You can also buy one and two-day course durations for a pretty reasonable price.

That will push out far more toxins from your body and you can naturally, leaving Rescue Cleanse detox drink less work to do on the day of your test, and it means it will be long before fresh toxins are available to work their way into the clean urine.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

The conclusion of this Rescue Cleanse review is that it definitely works.

One of my buddies used Rescue Cleanse eight months ago to pass a pre-employment drug test. It was only a part-time fast-food job, but they still want the urine drug test done as part of pre-employment. That seems nuts to me, but that’s what we have to put up with here in the USA.

He followed the instructions precisely, and he passed a drug test using Rescue Cleanse.

I recommended Rescue Cleanse to him because I’d tested it myself for the purposes of finding out if it worked so that I could write about it. I followed the instructions as well and used some home drug test kits to test the results. I tested clean at 90 minutes after drinking it, three hours after drinking, and four hours after drinking. At five hours I tested positive again.

So let’s now tell you where to buy a clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

When it comes to knowing where to buy Rescue Cleanse, it’s actually more about knowing where not to buy it. I’d always advise you do not buy detox products from general marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, or from unverified websites.

The reason is that it could be a fake product, out of date, or it could have been stored poorly and lost some of its potency. If the price is lower than $55 then be wary because it shouldn’t be available for cheaper than you can buy it from the official webstore.

buy Rescue cleanse

For me, if you’re going to spend the money on the best detox drinks then you should buy them directly from the people who make them, cutting out all the risk. Clear Choice has an official webstore, and Rescue Cleanse is the same price there as it is legitimately available anywhere else. You’ll also get rapid and free USA domestic shipping.

You can also buy home drug test kits from them, or you can pick those up on sites like GNC dirt cheap as well.

If you want to speed up the elimination of toxins during a short detox prior to the day of your test, then you can buy Toxin Rid direct from Test Clear.